Group Coaching includes:

  • Leading coaching sources and content
  • Wide range of topics with motivational and inspirational interest
  • Focus on personal, interpersonal and professional development
  • Cooperative and collaborative learning
  • Greater opportunities for feedback and exchange
  • Open discussion and Q/A
  • Inspiring atmosphere
  • Practical tools

Group sessions are suitable for corporate teams and divisions, organization departments and social settings.

Workshops & Inspiration Hours

  • Life Laws & The Final Questions
  • The Art of Possibility
  • Living a Life on Fire
  • Emotional Equations
  • World-Class Time Management Tools
  • Effective SMART Goal Planning
  • The Hero's Journey Through Change
  • Motivation
  • The Power of Transformational Vocabulary
  • Confidence: Inborn or Learned?
  • Happiness – what is it?
  • ​Lumina Workshop

Personal Development Strategist & Professional Life Coach