"As we embarked on a new journey at King Solomon School, Andi provided us with some vital tools to help us implement change positively as a team. Indeed, the 'Seven Stages of Transformation' successfully transformed the way we perceived change. The process of change became a courageous journey instilled with purpose, positive energy and excitement. Andi sent us on our new journey as a self confidant, cohesive team". 

Rabbi J Ebrahimoff, Head Teacher

"Over the past few years I, together with my colleagues, have participated in a number of Andi's workshops. At every opportunity i have been amazed at the depth of Andi's knowledge and the ease in which she is able to relate to all participants and them to her in turn. Her workshops are not only an unbelievable opportunity to learn but also how to realistically make change in one's own life and organization."

Hayley Glick, Former Principal American International School Pre-School and King Solomon School, Kfar Hayarok

"Working with Andi has been a great journey and has truly contributed to building my personal vision, helping me become more effective and finding the career path that fits both my personality and lifestyle. I can only recommend working with her, it will be fun and a great journey!"

Andi, Social Change Entrepreneur

"Andi is an energetic, positive, encouraging and nurturing inspiration. She combines her knowledge and experience with a sincere desire to help each person live their very best life, be their very best selves and bring their unique contribution into this world with compassion, intention and heroism. She embodies all this and thus, by her powerful example, leads us all with clarity, professionalism and abundant tools and positivity."  

Ron, Business Owner

“Andi is a very caring and intuitive coach, who gave me the tools I needed to get me organized and help me create my day. Often I had so many things pulling on me from so many directions, that I didn't know where to begin, or what to do first. At the end of the day, I'd still have a big to-do list to follow me to the next day. One of the biggest tips Andi gave me was 'to eat my frogs first', and that advice guides me still - especially when I have a task I'd rather put off. Getting that one out of the way first, makes everything else go smoother, and I don't have the stress of 'the frog' awaiting me, or hanging out in the back of my mind. I would most definitely recommend Andi to anyone who wants to transform any area of their life”. 

Esti, Educational Coach & Tutor

"Andi is amazing! She is caring, insightful and tough when needs be. She has helped me identify and systematically deal with the fears and obstacles that have prevented me from being the person (personally and professionally) I want to be." 

Howard, Head of Business Development

"Andi is the one person I know who can lift anyone up on the lowest of days. Her smile and her optimism and her understanding together with the great advice for life action items are what have made her one of the greatest positive impacts on my life."  Brenda, VP Marketing & Sales

"Andi is an exceptional professional coach, she has all the skills and experience required to help businesses as well as individuals grow and succeed. I was lucky and honored to have Andi give a talk to the members of my organization Women In Digital Israel on time management. Her lecture was fascinating and everybody left the room feeling empowered. I couldn't thank her enough and highly recommend her services."

Celine Attal, Women In Digital.

"Andi has run outstanding workshops for the students in the Argov Fellows Program in Leadership and Diplomacy on such topics as time management and dealing with adversity. Her genuine positive energy and talent for communicating and motivating make her an exceptional life coach and educator. I recommend her strongly to any group or individual(s) looking to identify their goals by clarifying what truly motivates them and then to achieve them with practical and effective strategies. Very highly recommended."

Dr. Alisa Rubin, IDC.


Personal Development Strategist & Professional Life Coach