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"My name is Jo and I am eternally grateful that I was introduced to Andi. Through her coaching, she has played a critical role at a key moment in my personal and professional life helping me to move on both fronts. I am now an assistant professor at the Technion and managing a laboratory with over ten students, amazing and challenging research and duties. Andi helped me define the identity of my lab as well as structure my personal life and working time so that both may co-exist and interact positively."

Assist. Prof. Joachim A. Behar (Oxon)Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Technion-IIT, Haifa, IsraelArtificial Intelligence in Medicine Laboratory

"As we embarked on a new journey at King Solomon School, Andi provided us with some vital tools to help us implement change positively as a team. Indeed, the 'Seven Stages of Transformation' successfully transformed the way we perceived change. The process of change became a courageous journey instilled with purpose, positive energy and excitement. Andi sent us on our new

journey as a self-confidant, cohesive team". 

Rabbi J Ebrahimoff, Head Teacher

"Over the past few years I, together with my colleagues,
have participated in a number of Andi's workshops. At every opportunity I have been amazed at the depth of Andi's knowledge and the ease in which she is able to relate to all participants and them to her in turn. Her workshops are not only an unbelievable opportunity to learn but also how to realistically make change in one's own life and organization."

Hayley Glick, Former Principal American International School Pre-School and King Solomon School, Kfar Hayarok

"Working with Andi has been a great journey and has truly contributed to building my personal vision, helping me become more effective and finding the career path that fits both my personality and lifestyle. I can only recommend working with her, it will be fun and a great journey!"

Andi, Social Change Entrepreneur

"Andi is an energetic, positive, encouraging and nurturing inspiration. She combines her knowledge and experience with a sincere desire to help each person live their very best life, be their very best selves and bring their unique contribution into this world with compassion, intention and heroism. She embodies all this and thus, by her powerful example, leads us all with clarity, professionalism and abundant tools and positivity."  

Ron, Business Owner

“Andi is a very caring and intuitive coach, who gave me the tools I needed to get me organized and help me create my day. Often I had so many things pulling on me from so many directions, that I didn't know where to begin, or what to do first. At the end of the day, I'd still have a big to-do list to follow me to the next day. One of the biggest tips Andi gave me was 'to eat my frogs first', and that advice guides me still - especially when I have a task I'd rather put off. Getting that one out of the way first, makes everything else go smoother, and I don't have the stress of 'the frog' awaiting me, or hanging out in the back of my mind. I would most definitely recommend Andi to anyone who wants to transform any area of their life”. 

Esti, Educational Coach & Tutor

"Andi is amazing! She is caring, insightful and tough when needs be. She has helped me identify and systematically deal with the fears and obstacles that have prevented me from being the person (personally and professionally) I want to be." 

Howard, Head of Business Development

"Andi is the one person I know who can lift anyone up on the lowest of days. Her smile and her optimism and her understanding together with the great advice for life action items are what have made her one of the greatest positive impacts on my life."  

Brenda, VP Marketing & Sales

"Andi is an exceptional professional coach, she has all the skills and experience required to help businesses as well as individuals grow and succeed. I was lucky and honored to have Andi give a talk to the members of my organization Women In Digital Israel on time management. Her lecture was fascinating and everybody left the room feeling empowered. I couldn't thank her enough and highly recommend her services."

Celine Attal, Women In Digital

"Andi has run outstanding workshops for the students in the Argov Fellows Program in Leadership and Diplomacy on such topics as time management and dealing with adversity. Her genuine positive energy and talent for communicating and motivating make her an exceptional life coach and educator. I recommend her strongly to any group or individual(s) looking to identify their goals by clarifying what truly motivates them and then to achieve them with practical and effective strategies. Very highly recommended."

Dr. Alisa Rubin, IDC

"Andi your presentation last night was ground breaking and so empowering! Your enthusiasm is so catchy and together with really practical steps and understanding of the process, you give people the feeling they really can move forward!"

Naomi, Webinar Participant

"I turned to Andi when I needed to make some big changes at home and professionally. I had no idea how to go about it. Working together, she guided me through the process with grace, understanding instinctively what I individually needed, in order to set and meet my goals. Andi draws on a huge range of disciplines and modalities that she seems to have at the tips of her fingers in order to create a bespoke path to personal and professional growth.

She's one in a million and I couldn't recommend her warmly enough."

Dr. Benjamin Sevitt


"Australia’s national webinar entitled, “Mind Shifts: building resilience, changing mindsets and achieving goals”. Andi was on a panel with other highly qualified and inspiring experts in the field, such as Ayelet Shmuel, a psychotherapist at the Sderot Resilience Centre and Dr. Mel Weinberg, a psychologist based in Melbourne. Andi captivated the audience with her practical advice when it comes to achieving your goals, especially when life doesn’t go as planned. Andi’s talk was relatable to all facets of the audience and the feedback from guests was very positive. We are grateful to Andi for sharing her strategies for success with our Australian audience."

Nikki Leib, Donor Relations Manager, JNF Australia,  WA Division 


"I had thrown up too many balls than I could catch. I was feeling overwhelmed and disorientated with my future. I found Andi through my search for a career coach. She came with incredible references. Andi has the admirable talent of seeing your natural abilities and passion and directing you towards achieving and thriving with the goals you have set together. Andi has a wealth of resources at her fingertips and her positive, can do approach is infectious.

If you are looking for clarity, direction, tools for finding and achieving your goals, Andi is your trusted partner through this journey."

Lisa, Entrepreneur


"I came to Andi with a specific goal in mind and a limited time frame to execute it. Andi understood straight away my intentions and was completely aligned to my objectives. She helped me clarify my goals, focus, and understand what I need to do to finalize my transition. She gave me tools I often look back at to remind myself how to stay on course. Most importantly, she helped me believe in myself. My coaching experience with Andi was short but super powerful and on point, exactly what I needed to jump-start my new journey. Andi is a dynamic coach, smart, full of insightful knowledge and practical tools, and is a true partner to the journeys of organizations and individuals alike."

Libby,  Business Owner 

"Dear Andi,

I’m always looking for an opportunity to meet with you - you bring clarity to my life, force me to think macro and long-term, think positive, and keep track of my progress. With you everything is always possible - and there is always a solution to everything. I once brought you a complicated project; you stood up to the challenge and the results were felt by every member of the family.
Thank you!"

D. B, Professor University

"After many years as a professional, after working just twice with Andi completely transformed me and as a consequence my business and my life. As I went through the process, it just got better and better. There is no blah blah with Andi. It's cut to the chase, strategic transformation. I cannot recommend Andi more. If you have a vision that needs clarifying and sharpening and you need support on your journey Andi is your person."

T.E, Change Maker


"Andi is exceptionally skilled, intuitive, smart, kind and insightful.  Her coaching over the years has been transformational and life-changing.  I feel grateful to have Andi in my life.  She coached me to be the best person I could be by  developing a vision and helping to ensure  that my actions were in alignment with that vision.  She helped me overcome obstacles by shifting my perspective. I give Andi highest recommendations to anyone interested in help to achieve highest levels of living life to the fullest."  

Joy Rothenberg, Attorney


I would highly recommend Andi. She has been instrumental in my leadership development, grounding her coaching in scientific insight and providing a clear framework for the programme we embarked on. I was able to concretely feel the benefits throughout the journey and have tangible frameworks which I implement daily and have benefitted from immensely.

She has helped me to craft my leadership style, grounding it in my authentic values and assisting me to optimize my delivery both at work and in personal life through enhanced energy management. She is highly committed to the task, always available for consults and goes the extra mile through her daily messages. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity my company provided to have this experience with Andi and am committed to ensuring I ‘pay it forward’ and allow others to benefit as much as possible from the learnings I have gained.




Head of Consumer Engagement

Moët Hennessy Africa and Middle East


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